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Classic and outstanding education is given to all children who are enrolled at Kolbe Academy and Trinity Prep and that are willing to give their best. At Kolbe Academy and Trinity’s Prep they encourage all children and not only speaking the brightest, but students of all intelligence levels. Their aim is to bring out the best that a student can be and challenge them to become best they can be. All parents’ roles are to ensure that their child has the best suitable education possible. Kolbe Academy and Trinity Prep are there to assist and guide their students in this rite path with the highest standards of academic achievement in order to open a brighter future for them.


Koble Academy and Trinity Prep undergo a Christian role in all their programs. Christians are known in the sense of having high respect for all and common sense in discipline, these aspects have been taught at Kolbe Academy and Trinity Prep in accordance with the mind of the Catholic Church. With this way being taught Koble Academy and Trinity Prep aim to give their students the thought of mind in one with themselves and knowing what goals they want to achieve with the help of their spiritual conscience. The students will then learn to think more clearly, speak fluently and eloquently, write in high grammar and intellect as well as calculate with accuracy.

Students are encouraged to learn from others as a team and in return also teach others. Many subjects and activities require teamwork and appreciation, students will learn and further develop their skills in art, music and many more subjects the school has to offer for those who wish to learn.







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